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The main objective of our company, founded in 1995, is to offer our customers high quality doors and windows, which are able to meet the highest customer needs, evoke a sense of comfort, ensure safe use, and at the same time provide perfect aesthetic experience for a whole lifetime. In order to reach this objective, we use the latest production equipment and top-quality materials, and also provide our expertise to support manufacturing technology.

... accordingly, the reliability and high quality of our products are ensured by applying consistent and rigorous checking and process control systems, which also meet the certification requirements of standard ISO 9001:2000.

In its product development strategy, Holz-Team Ltd. pays special attention to new consumer needs appearing on the market, and at the same time aims to continuously and at a high level of quality satisfy the needs of customers who are looking for traditional doors and windows, but prefer a wide range of tailor-made and optional solutions. In accordance with this two-sided business policy, we aim to extend our standard product range with such products that follow the latest trends of our times, and at the same time continue to design and manufacture classic and unconventional wooden doors and windows to satisfy individual needs and imaginations.

Door and Window made of Wood - 2012


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